Encrypted values: why?

The Klantcontact Monitor (KCM) works with the highest possible security certificates and in compliance with the ISO 27001 guidelines. As a data processor we take the appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect our clients’ personal data against loss and unlawful processing and to block obtained data from other data.

Encrypted values: how does it work?

One of the measures is the encrypted storage of personal and privacy-sensitive data in our database. We call this encryption. Together with you – our client – we discuss the received data and determine the personal and privacy-sensitive data. These fields are encrypted in our database. In this way, the results of the survey can never be redirected to individuals without a key.

Encrypted values: how to decrypt?

When you try to export the results you will be asked to decrypt the encrypted fields. This will only be the case when values have been encrypted and if you are authorised to decrypt.


When you click no the export file will be downloaded, but the personal and privacy-sensitive data will be encrypted.


When you click yes below notification will appear:


The required key is sent to the email address link to your account.


You enter the key from the email and the download of the decrypted export file will start. Now the encrypted values will be visible as well:


KCMonitor app

Gebruikers van de Klantcontact Monitor® kunnen met onze app hun dashboardmeters op een smartphone of tablet installeren en zo overal en altijd de vinger aan de pols houden.