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The Customer Contact Monitor facilitates measuring customer and employee satisfaction in a unique manner, at any given time or level. Our personal, web-based dashboard provides realtime insight into how both customers and employees rate you as an organisation.

We are the Customer Contact Monitor. Nice to meet you! We are an enthousiastic, ambitious organisation that has but one goal: to make our and your customers happy by means of our affordable, technically advanced web application and our perfect service.

How may we help you?

By giving you realtime, detailed insight into the satisfaction of your customers and employees; the possibility to follow trends or to find the common thread in open feedback via tagclouds; by providing in-depth reports or by enabling you to improve your service, policy and processes? All of the above can be done with our application: the Customer Contact Monitor.


The possibilities of our webbased dashboard are limitless. The application makes it possible to monitor at any given level, process and after any kind of contact with your customer. The choice is yours! Any insight can be provided realtime via your personal dashboard. This way, you are able to intervene in a timely, adequate, focused and efficient manner. Thereby lowering costs and preventing complaints.

Service the way you like it

We, the Customer Contact Monitor, think along, are flexible, affordable, customer oriented and we strive to always fit you particular needs. We will not stop unless you are happy!

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Why us?

We are not just a supplier of surveying software. The Customer Contact Monitor offers more:


Continuous, realtime insight into the quality of your service;
Email alerts to prevent complaints and detect potential for improvement; 
Benchmark data (general or on an industry level);
Assessment tool for outsourcing partners.



Perfect fit for: 

Governments & municipalities; 
Inhouse and outsourced contact centres;
Leisure (travel, restaurants, cinema);
Utility sector (gas, electricity, water);
Retail and e-commerce organizations;
Care institutions;
Financial services (banks, insurance companies).


By surveying on a continuous basis via the Customer Contact Monitor, and not just yearly or quarterly, we have a better understanding of what is happening regarding our service level. This way, we are able to adapt to any needs, hereby truly improving the quality of our service to both businesses and consumers.
W. van Dijk - Senior Advisor at The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets

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